Independent Dialysis

The Providence Health Care Renal Program supports eligible patients to manage their own hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis treatments. This is appealing for many patients because it gives them more control over the location, timing, frequency and duration of their dialysis treatments.

Patients are referred through the Renal Program at Providence Health Care or Vancouver General Hospital.

Independent Hemodialysis Program

The Providence Health Care Renal Program offers training and support to conduct home hemodialysis. The Home Hemodialysis team includes nurses, nephrologists, pharmacists, dietitians, social workers, administrative and program staff.

Before home hemodialysis can begin, the patient must attend six to eight weeks of training, three times per week. Training is provided at the East Vancouver Community Dialysis Unit or Richmond Community Dialysis Unit.

The team will arrange for the patient’s home to be modified to accommodate a hemodialysis machine. Equipment and nursing support is available by phone, and dialysis supplies are delivered to the patient’s home. Home hemodialysis patients are supported by clinic visits and regular home visits.

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Home Hemodialysis Program
604-207-2562 or 604-904-1157

Peritoneal Dialysis Program

The Providence Health Care Renal Program supports patients to conduct peritoneal dialysis in their own home. The Peritoneal Dialysis program team includes nurses, nephrologists, patient educators, dietitians, social workers, pharmacists and physiotherapists.

Patients can learn to perform peritoneal dialysis independently. It generally takes one to two weeks of one-on-one training using a variety of learning strategies for a patient and/or caregiver to become confident performing peritoneal dialysis on their own.  

Nursing support is available by phone for urgent troubleshooting of problems. Equipment and dialysis supplies are provided and delivered to the patient’s home. Peritoneal dialysis patients attend clinic visits every one to three months.

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Peritoneal Dialysis Program
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