Kidney Care Clinic

The Kidney Care Clinic (KCC) was established at St. Paul's Hospital in 1999 and it is the longest running program of its kind in Canada. The clinic offers four interdisciplinary clinics per week and currently cares for more than 1,200 patients at varying stages of kidney disease. In addition to caring for patients in BC’s lower mainland, the clinic supports patients and programs in geographically distant or remote locations, including Yukon.

The KCC was created to support and educate individuals and families living with kidney disease. The clinic provides care to patients who have been identified as having a chronic kidney disease that is at risk of progressing. The goal of care is to help slow or stop the rate of kidney decline and prevent the need for renal replacement therapy, including dialysis or transplant.

Patients are referred to the Kidney Care Clinic through their nephrologist. The clinic has a team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians and social workers who specialize in the treatment of kidney disease and who offer medical care, education, and counseling. Services offered include nutrition coaching, social worker counseling, teaching by nurse patient educators, and pharmacy review and advice on medications.

Patients normally visit the clinic every three to six months. Each clinic visit lasts from 1- 1 ½ hours.

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